organ and electronics


Partials was written for organist Jeremy Cole for first performance in Wells Cathedral on 18 October 2018 as part of new music wells 78-18.


The piece is based on the harmonic series on C and uses an accompanying tape which gradually builds up the harmonics series, starting with the lowest possible note on the organ and slowly adding all of the harmonics/partials. The notes of the series have been raised or lowered in pitch to match the exact sounding pitch of all of the partials in the series - for example, the seventh partial, which is a B flat, is lowered by 31 cents and sounds as a B three quarter flat. The tape uses a sample library created using the organ in Leeds Town Hall and can be previewed here. The piece requires speakers and a means with which to play the file - please contact Barnaby for more information. 




Jeremy Cole


8 - 9 minutes


organ and electronics


Jeremy Cole, Wells Cathedral, 18 October 2018 as part of new music wells 78-18