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Listening In - a series of video essays on music.

Listening In is a series of video essays on YouTube written, narrated and edited by Barnaby. The initial idea for the channel was to explore topics at the cross-section between popular culture and twentieth century, or contemporary music – and so Barnaby was drawn to things like Kubrick’s use of Krystoff Penderecki’s music in The Shining, the influence that Karlheinz Stockhausen had on The Beatles, as well as the use of György Ligeti’s choral and orchestral works in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Three years later, and he's now made nearly 60 videos covering music from a wide spectrum of styles and genres. Film music has become the staple of the channel, but he's also looked at Stravinsky’s storytelling in Petrushka, Radiohead’s orchestration and harmony in Pyramid Song and George Orwell’s use of musical language and imagery in Nineteen Eighty-Four.


Visit the channel to find out more.​

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