The Temptations of Christ

soloists, SATB chorus, children's choir, percussion, organ

2014 - 2015


The Temptations of Christ was commissioned by Illuminare choir and first performed on 4 March 2017 in Holy Trinity, Sloane Square by Illuminare choir and soloists conducted by Christopher Stark.


It was nominated in the choral category of 2017 BASCA British Composer Awards.

This 45-minute cantata follows the temptations of Christ in the wilderness by the Devil. It takes words from Matthew 4: 1-11, John Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained as well as poems by Wilfred Owen (1893-1918), Sean O'Brien (1952-present) and Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967). 


2014 - 2015


Jeremy Cole, Illuminare choir


45 minutes


Jesus - baritone
Satan - tenor
Soprano soloists (two)
Alto/mezzo-soprano solo
Tenor solo
Baritone solo
SATB choir – children's choir – perc. (1): tub. bells – organ


Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, 4 March 2017

Illuminare choir, Recital choir of St Paul’s Juniors (directed by Philip Berg)

Christopher Stark - conductor
Jeremy Cole - organist
George Barton - tubular bells
Laurence Williams - Jesus
Hiroshi Amako - Satan
Rachel Ambrose Evans - soprano 1
Hilary Cronin - soprano 2
Helen Charlston - mezzo-soprano
Alexander Gebhard - tenor
Michael Craddock - baritone